11-year old harassed by father fights for her life back


11-year-old Claire “Lil Tay” Hope is reportedly locked in a legal battle with her father Chris Hope in the BC Supreme Court of Canada.

The 11-year old social media influencer/rapper shot to fame due to her extravagant posts on Instagram and had last posted on the platform around 148 weeks ago. However, a cryptic Instagram post came up on 22nd April 2021 announcing that there was some “bad news” regarding Lil Tay.

The next day, multiple Instagram stories posted on behalf of Lil Tay, by her brother Jason Tian, claimed that Lil Tay was involved in a legal battle with her father and his new wife for full custody. Chris Hope is married to a woman named Hansee Hope after splitting up with Lil Tay’s mother Angela Tian.

Lil Tay reportedly involved in legal battle with father Chris Hope for full legal custody

After the Instagram story announcing the “bad news” about Lil Tay, there were multiple posts explaining the situation. Her brother Jason explained that Lil Tay does not have the money to pay the lawyers for her legal proceedings. Additionally, a there was also a mute clip showing a visibly frustrated. Jason explained that Lil Tay had cried when she found out her father had filed a court case for her legal custody.

Jason also posted two clips of Lil Tay’s father. He accused Chris of stealing “millions of dollars” from her and said that he owes Lil Tay around $400,000 in child support payments. He also alleged that Chris had “beaten, scratched and repeatedly thrown Lil Tay in a dark closet.” Jason said that he had lost his “parenting time” with Lil Tay because of all the abuse he and his new wife inflicted.

Jason also set up a GoFundMe page with an overall goal of $150,000. Until now, the campaign has earned slightly more than $16,000.

Image via GoFundMe
Image via GoFundMe

Jason had earlier claimed to have exploited his younger sister and is seen “coaching her” to behave in a particular way in a leaked video, as can be seen below.

Multiple users on Instagram accused Jason of lying about the situation and aired their doubts over the veracity of his claims.

This led to Jason posting multiple photos of Chris Hope and his wife. As seen below, he explained that the couple had been spending Lil Tay’s money for years. He also posted multiple photos of his sister having marks of physical abuse. Jason claimed that Chris Hope has been abusing and monetizing Lil Tay.

The GoFundMe page also included links to Facebook albums of a vacation, and another of some of the items that Chris and Hansee Hope allegedly spent Lil Tay’s “stolen money” on. Jason also said that Chris had filed a court order that gave him control over Lil Tay’s “money, career and custody.”

Lil Tay had to return to Vancouver, Canada due to the court order and her father has been able to stop her from revealing the truth publicly until now. Finally, Jason said that the Ministry of Children and Family Development was also involved but did not take any action against Chris Hope and his wife. Instead, the only result that came was that she did not have to stay with her father anymore.

As seen from the tweets, the community is divided. While many think that Lil Tay is indeed in trouble, some have aired their doubts and claimed that her brother might be lying about the situation.

Published 03 May 2021, 00:06 IST


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