3 most disliked Rock Pokemon in Johto


The Johto region sports some exceedingly notable Rock-type Pokemon. But not every Pokemon can share that same fame.

This list is not about a Pokemon’s viability in combat (though many Pokemon end up being disliked for that exact reason, so there is a solid amount of overlap). It is about the Pokemon that players don’t particularly enjoy seeing or having on their team.

In addition, this list can include any Pokemon that can be found in the Johto region, not just Generation II Pokemon.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 3 Rock Pokemon in Johto that players don’t enjoy seeing or having on their team.

#3 – Magcargo

Magcargo (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Magcargo (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Magcargo is disliked mostly due to not being all that great of a Pokemon. It has its uses, but for the most part, Magcargo ends up being more of a liability than an asset on a team.

It has excellent defense, average special defense, and special attack but falls short on every other stat. Its speed is abysmal, and the HP isn’t much better. With a 4x weakness to both the ultra-common Water-type and the offensive nightmare type of Ground, Magcargo ends up getting taken out before it can accomplish a single thing more often than not.

Magcargo has a decently cool design, though, making it stand out from its peers a bit.

#2 – Corsola

Corsola (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Corsola (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Corsola is disliked for pretty much the same reason that Magcargo is, except more so.

Corsola is next to useless in battle. Its two best stats, defense, and special defense, are average at best. And it barely beats Magcargo in a battle of speed, which is literally the snail Pokemon. This is not a very good look, even for a Pokemon based on coral.

Plus, with a 4x weakness against the fairly common Grass-type and plenty of other weaknesses to go around, Corsola’s typing isn’t doing it any favors either.

Corsola’s design is a bit decent, though. And the way its movement is depicted in various media is downright hilariously adorable, so it certainly has its perks. But overall, Corsola is fairly disliked in its home region of Johto.

#1 – Geodude

Geodude (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Geodude (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Now here’s a Pokemon that is disliked for more than a lackluster performance in battle.

Geodude and its evolutions can handle themselves well enough in a skirmish. Should the player manage to find a way to trade their Graveler, Golem is actually quite the Pokemon in this generation. But Gedoude itself comes off as an irritating annoyance that fans could do without.

Geodude, like Zubat, Tentacool, Magikarp, and many others, is one of those Pokemon that shows up far too often in the wild. Go into a cave? Geodude. Break a rock? Geodude. Going through Victory Road? Graveler (which isn’t Geodude, but it’s Geodude’s evolution, so close enough).

If Geodude was in the wild more sparingly, maybe fans wouldn’t show so much disdain for the punchy little rock Pokemon.


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