3 strongest Poison Pokemon in Kanto


Poison-type Pokemon have never been the most popular, unfortunately. With them only being effective against Grass-types for the longest time, plus their weakness to the ever-threatening Psychic and Ground-types, many players would prefer it if their Pokemon stayed well away from the Poison-typing.

There are several extremely notable and powerful Pokemon that hold the Poison-typing in Generation I’s Kanto region. And they can for sure prove the somewhat common belief that Poison-types are the worst type wrong.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 3 powerful Poison Pokemon in Kanto

#3 – Venusaur

A forest of Venusaurs (Image via The Pokemon Company)
A forest of Venusaurs (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Venusaur is a solid Poison-type Pokemon that’s easy to obtain. The player can literally start the game with its pre-evolution Bulbasaur, after all.

Venasaur boasts some fairly solid stats overall. Its specialty lies in its special stat, but with its lowest overall stats being 80 in HP and speed, Venasuar is a pretty decent all-rounder. That surprisingly average speed stat is especially nice as it puts Venasaur ahead of several potentially threatening Pokemon.

Venasaur’s bread-and-butter strategy is to put opposing Pokemon to sleep with Sleep Powder, then railroad them with Razor Leaf, Body Slam, or Hyper Beam. In some instances, it can also use a Leach Seed and/or Toxic moveset as well.

#2 – Victreebel

Victreebel (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Victreebel (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Victreebel is a surprising underdog for those that aren’t knowledgable of the Generation I competitive scene, but it deserves a spot on the list without question.

Wrap is an actually amazing move in Generation I, which automatically gives a ranking boost to any Pokemon that can learn it. Sleep Powder is also a great move (even to this day). So a Pokemon that can learn both of these moves while having a very solid special stat to resist some damage is a Pokemon worth having. Victreebel! That Pokemon is Victreebell!

#1 – Gengar

Gengar (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Gengar (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Gengar was just as popular back in Generation I as it is now, even if later generations make the ghastly Pokemon far more powerful than its original release.

While Gengar has an absolutely devastating 130 special, it can’t make a ton of use out of that power. Both Ghost and Poison-type moves were all physical in Generation I, meaning that Gengar couldn’t pull off a STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) move that would do major damage. And while it could handle a Psychic move or two, thanks to that special stat, Ground-type moves would tear Gengar up.

But with Gengar’s excellent speed stat, its access to moves like Hypnosis, Thunderbolt, and Explosion, and its immunity to the Explosions of others, it has still managed to become one of the premier battlers in Generation I.


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