5 best ways to level up quickly in GTA Online


While the amount of cash a player possesses is a great way to measure progress in GTA Online, RP and rank are a much more solid indicator of proficiency in the game. For every activity and job that the player participates in, there is a certain amount of RP that they will receive for it.

RP eventually adds up over time and will result in players ranking up and unlocking new items such as weapons, vehicles, services, and even missions. Ranking up quickly in GTA Online should be as much a priority as making tons of cash.

Given that there are so many different avenues that players can explore in GTA Online, it can often be confusing to determine which ones are the best ways to rank up.

How can players rank up quickly in GTA Online?

1 – Bonus GTA$ and RP Events

Every week in GTA Online, certain events get picked up as bonus cash and RP events. Players can participate in these activities or game modes to earn double or even triple the amount of RP and cash that they would have usually gotten.

These events can include anything from Races and Adversary Modes to even MC Businesses. Completing these activities within the week is a sure shot of progressing quickly in GTA Online.

2 – Contact Missions

Contact Missions are often forgotten about in GTA Online, especially with the number of heists and other interesting jobs in the game. However, they are one of the best ways to make money in the game as they ensure that players have a comfortable cushion to fall back on.

Essentially, these Contact Missions give the player simple tasks that can be completed quite easily. While they also pay out decent money, getting RP should be the primary reason why players flock to Contact Missions.

3 – Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives are usually quite simple. These objectives usually require players to participate in certain jobs and activities.

Players can check these daily objectives by simply opening the Interaction Menu and accessing the Daily Objectives tab.

It might not seem like much, but every little bit of RP counts in GTA Online.

4 – Adversary Modes

Adversary Modes or any other PvP game mode might not seem like a great way to make some serious cash or RP in GTA Online, but they can be. If players find a mode that they are extremely proficient at, they stand to make tons of RP in each round.

Races are also a good bet if the player is proficient behind the wheel since they make up some of the highest-paying jobs in the game in terms of RP.

5 – Grinding VIP Work

Headhunter and other VIP work might not seem like a fun way to spend time in GTA Online, but they do pay quite decently. RP is also available in abundance when doing VIP work for hours on end.

Even doing VIP work as a bodyguard is quite beneficial as players will be able to reap VIP Proximity bonus, should they be in range.


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