5 coolest secrets and Easter eggs in GTA San Andreas


GTA San Andreas has a lot of cool secrets and Easter eggs.

It should be noted that the Easter eggs and secrets listed in this article can all be found in GTA San Andreas with minimal use of mods.

Having said that, secrets that do exist in the game and can be uncovered by mods are viable to be ranked here. For example, the RC Cam isn’t normally found in GTA San Andreas, but it is in the data of the game, so it’s a valid secret. Invalid secrets will be stuff that never existed in the base game and are inserted from outside sources (like CJ’s father).

Top 5 secrets and Easter eggs in GTA San Andreas

#5 – RC Cam

A driver and a passenger
A driver and a passenger “inside” an RC vehicle (Image via GTA Wiki)

RC vehicles are nothing new to the GTA series. However, the RC Cam in GTA San Andreas is a flowerpot that behaves like a normal vehicle. It’s an absurd vehicle, but it also has some in-game stats some players might care about.

The RC Cam is capable of going up to 37 mph and weighs 100 kg (220 pounds). However, its small shape makes it spin out incredibly easily. Players won’t find this vehicle without mods, but it does exist in the in-game data and can be enabled more easily compared to other popular secrets like “Hot Coffee.”

#4 – Can’t lose Wanted Levels whilst in a law enforcement vehicle normally

A secret most players don
A secret most players don’t know about (Image via Real KeV3n (YouTube))

One-star Wanted Levels disappear in time if the player is away from law enforcement. However, it doesn’t work if the player is in a law enforcement vehicle.

This applies to all law enforcement vehicles that players can enter in GTA San Andreas. It doesn’t matter how isolated they are from law enforcement or how much time passes, as their Wanted Level won’t go away. Since players cannot use a Pay ‘N’ Spray while in these kinds of vehicles, they will either have to leave the vehicle or pick up a bribe to get rid of their Wanted Level.

The reasoning behind this logic is unknown, but it’s a secret that the majority of the GTA San Andreas playerbase doesn’t know.

#3 – Players can use thermal vision to see heat leave the body of dead NPCs

An example of a dead body becoming bluer (Image via Real KeV3n (YouTube))
An example of a dead body becoming bluer (Image via Real KeV3n (YouTube))

Players normally have no reason to use the thermal vision goggles when killing GTA San Andreas NPCs. However, observant players will notice how a normally red NPC will turn blue over time as they are killed. These dead NPCs go from red to pink to purple and then to a dark blue.

This works for all NPCs in GTA San Andreas and is applicable in all versions of GTA San Andreas, modded or not.

#2 – Gant Bridge Facts

Gant Bridge facts (Image via GTA Wiki)
Gant Bridge facts (Image via GTA Wiki)

Although the Gant Bridge Facts sign is less famous than “There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away,” it is still a noteworthy Easter Egg that many GTA San Andreas fans love.

Rather than being a movie reference or something cool, this Easter egg is just a reference to various data associated with the Gant Bridge in GTA San Andreas.

The sign can be seen near the building right below Katie Zhan’s home (the home of CJ’s nurse girlfriend).

#1 – Gant Bridge

The most famous Easter egg in GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)
The most famous Easter egg in GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)

No list of Easter eggs in GTA San Andreas could ever be complete without the Gant Bridge. It’s undisputedly the most iconic Easter egg in the game.

It is an Easter egg that many players might miss on their first playthrough, simply because they have no reason to go up to the location.

Normally, the only way for a GTA San Andreas player to see it is if they’re messing around with a jetpack or other aircraft (although the latter might go too fast for a player to notice this Easter egg). Of course, this popular Easter egg has been spoofed in later GTA titles.

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