5 directions for Jey and Jimmy Uso following their reunification on WWE SmackDown


Jimmy Uso returned to WWE SmackDown this week after more than a year away from the ring. The Usos are finally back together on the Blue brand. The two of them re-united in the opening segment of the show, but it’s not clear now, where they stand with each other.

There are several possible storylines for Jey and Jimmy Uso now. The two brothers have not wrestled together in the same ring in more than a year, and things have changed.

Neither of them is in the same place they were when they were last competing together. Thus, they can do anything now, and their future remains uncertain. The next few weeks will reveal how WWE chose to book them.

The following are five possible directions for Jey and Jimmy Uso on WWE SmackDown.

#5 Jey and Jimmy Uso feud among themselves

The Usos have not worked together in the ring for a very long time. Jimmy Uso’s injury put him out of action for a long time.

While he was gone, Jey Uso underwent a transformation. He went from being a powerful star with a voice of his own to becoming Roman Reigns’ lackey. Reigns broke Jey again and again until he brought him under his control. For Jey, at the time, it was easier to join Reigns than to stand against him. So that’s exactly what he did.

However, Jimmy Uso is still the same strong individual as before. He already acknowledged that Jey was no longer the same person. Now, he may try to help his cousin, but given Jey’s current condition, he may not accept.

That could lead to a feud between the two brothers, which would see a split between The Usos before they eventually reunite. Jimmy Uso deserves a singles run as well, given that Jey got one while he was away.


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