5 Tips and Tricks to up your game


It doesn’t matter how good someone is at aiming or predicting enemy movements, without these fundamental practices in Apex Legends, standing as the triumphant team on top of fallen enemies will be difficult. There are key elements to Apex Legends that the player needs to master to stand out against multiple teams of opponents.

Rise to the top of the leaderboard, dominate firefights, and survive until victory with these useful tips and tricks that will make you lethal on the battlefield.

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5 Tips & Tricks to conquer Apex Legends

#1 Loot Hard, Loot Fast

Looting is the most critical part of the early game. Snowballing because of your loot tier and decisions will ultimately increase your chances of winning a fight. Pick your landing spot wisely, have an idea of the build you want to run, and scan the area with focus.

Discipline is necessary here. Don’t spend half a minute in a death box rummaging through supplies. Get in, get out, and move on to the next area. The quicker you loot, the faster you can assemble a good build and stockpile resources. Additionally, scanning through everything with haste will likely lead to some high tier loot if you are quick enough.

#2 Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication between teammates is essential in Apex Legends. It doesn’t matter if they are randoms or friends you’ve known for years. If your team doesn’t know what’s coming or where the loot they are looking for is, they’ll never be able to keep up with you in terms of the game.

Ping everything you deem important. This includes any and all enemy movements, level three gear, and ammo for guns you aren’t using. By keeping your team updated at all times, it also makes mental notes in your brain about the current situation.

#3 Know Your Weapon

Learning the weapons range, spread, and recoil can take the fight to the next level. Most of this takes practice and keen observational skills, but having a good muscle memory of how your weapon fires will help you keep your aim straight. Knowing spray patterns are also useful for the same reason.

Also, knowing which weapon to use in each situation in Apex Legends is key. Some are common sense, don’t use a shotgun for an enemy who looks like an ant from your position and don’t use a sniper rifle in close quarters. Balance your build and be prepared for any situation.

#4 Zone Other Players

Keeping pressure on enemies is a good way to keep them at bay or away from your loot in Apex Legends. Don’t spend your entire clip trying to down them every time you see them, but firing a ‘warning’ shot and pursuing them to an extent will send a clear message that you mean business.

Practice makes perfect. By fighting more, you’ll learn when and where to pick your battles, and more importantly, you’ll gain experience and skill even if you get downed. Taking the fight to other players can pay off for your team immensely.

#5 Pay Attention To Yourself And Your Teammates

Make sure to keep track of your playstyle in Apex Legends and what works with your skillset. Take note of your strengths in Apex Legends, and if you’re playing with people you know, take note of theirs as well to mold a winning team.

The right combination of legends also goes a long way in Apex Legends. Balance the legend complexion with a little bit of everything to make sure your team isn’t lacking on offense, defense, or support.

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