Batista doesn’t want the spotlight on his previous gimmick

WWE Hall of Famer Dave Batista hopes fans remember that Kane was Isaac Yankem over his first character.

Batista’s original gimmick, Deacon Batista, debuted alongside Reverend D-Von on SmackDown in 2002. It didn’t last that long, and he eventually became “The Animal” that the WWE Universe knows and loves today.

Despite all that, the WWE Network Twitter account celebrated Deacon Batista’s debut earlier today. The tweet prompted Batista to jokingly respond by calling out Kane’s previous gimmick instead.

“Can we focus more on Kane being Isaac Yankem?! *crying emoji*,” Batista tweeted.

WWE historians will remember that not only was Kane Jerry Lawler’s evil dentist Isaac Yankem DDS, but he also portrayed the role of the fake Diesel for a very short time frame in 1996.

Batista hopes you remember Kane was Issac Yankem

For Kane, the third time was the charm when it came to finding a successful gimmick that would solidify him as a WWE Hall of Famer.

While Batista hasn’t been officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame yet, he was announced as a future Hall of Fame inductee back in 2020. Batista will hopefully receive his induction next year in front of fans when WrestleMania comes to Dallas.

Batista would prefer us to remember Kane’s previous gimmick over his own. However, we must not forget where our favorite WWE Superstars came from, regardless of how ridiculous their previous gimmicks might be.

So here’s to both the good Deacon and Isaac Yankem DDS because, without them, there’s a chance that we might not have seen Batista and Kane rise to prominence in WWE.

Do you fondly remember the past gimmicks of iconic WWE Superstars? Did Kane have some of the best ones? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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