Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile) official download link appears on the website, redirects to Google Play Store


On May 6th, the much-awaited announcement about the exclusive Indian version of PUBG Mobile, called Battlegrounds Mobile India, was made. In a new development, a link appears on the game’s official website, which redirects the players to the Google Play Store.

The long wait for the players is set to end, and the entire community is thrilled with all the new developments that have taken place throughout the past few weeks. Before Battlegrounds Mobile India is officially released, it will be preceded by a pre-registration process.

Today, the developers have disclosed that the pre-registration for the upcoming title will begin on May 18th.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India: Download link appears on the website and redirects to Google Play Store

As seen in the given photo, players can spot the Play Store link on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s website:

Play Store link on Battlegrounds Mobile India
Play Store link on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s website

Upon clicking on it, they will be redirected to the Google Play Store page of the game. It is currently not working as the pre-registration of the game is yet to be made live.

However, players will soon be able to do so after the registrations go live from May 18th onwards.

Pre-registrations of Battlegrounds Mobile India begin on May 18th
Pre-registrations of Battlegrounds Mobile India begin on May 18th

In one of his recent YouTube videos, Ghatak talked regarding various aspects of Battlegrounds Mobile India. He was quoted with the following about cross-server matchmaking:

“Many people asked questions regarding if they will be able to matchmake with players from other countries. The answer to that is no. As of now, it is not possible to play with users from other countries and would only be able to compete against other Indian players.”

It now appears that PUBG Mobile is on track to make a comeback in India. Users can follow the official social media handles of Battlegrounds Mobile India to stay updated about all the news:

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here

YouTube channel: Click here

Discord server: Click here

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