Beneil Dariush on similarities with Tony Ferguson


Beneil Dariush is all set to transform himself into an immovable object as he prepares to battle an unstoppable force in Tony Ferguson. The two are set to fight in the co-main event of UFC 262.

Beneil Dariush has stated on many occasions that he expects to face the scariest version of ‘El Cucuy‘ Tony Ferguson. Dariush feels that he is equipped with the mentality to match Tony Ferguson’s drive inside the octagon, particularly because the drive is very similar to Dariush’s.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Beneil Dariush was asked about the similarities he feels he shares with Tony Ferguson. He answered saying:

“It’s simple. You want to see a guy who is willing to die in that Octagon? I think that [guy] is Tony and I. I think those are just two guys who are willing to go out there and, if we have to leave in pieces, we will leave in pieces. But, we [love getting] the victory and I think that’s one of the similarities that Tony and I have, and that’s one of the reasons why everybody should watch the fight.”

The nature of this statement is quite contrary to what the general opinion about Beneil Dariush’s nature is. Most fans and fighters alike believe that Beneil Dariush is as nice and gentle in his interactions as a person can be. But this is exactly what Beneil Dariush has a tough time explaining. He said:

“Yeah, people are always like, you know, ‘Ah you’re so nice, you’re so nice.’ I always try to explain to people, like, being nice is something I work at. The desire to fight, the desire for dominance, the desire when I step into a room to know that I’m the strongest person, that’s something that I’ve always had. I’ve never had to work at that. It was always in me. It’s actually the most natural part of my nature. So, that’s something people don’t understand. I work hard at everything else. Fighting is just something I enjoy to do.”

Beneil Dariush gives his prediction for showdown with Tony Ferguson at UFC 262

Beneil Dariush accepts that there is no telling where the fight with Tony Ferguson is going to end. Nevertheless, he believes that he will be able to get his hand raised no matter where the fight ends, as long as he can “outcrazy” Tony Ferguson:

“I think it could go all three ways. A knockout, submission or decision. Whatever it is, I gotta stay one step ahead of him,” Dariush stated.


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