Epic promises quick fix to glitched Spire Quests


Gamers recently pointed out that the Fortnite Raz challenges are facing major glitches in Season 6. The bug prevents them from claiming XPs and rewards available after completing these challenges.

The growing unrest among users has caused Epic Games to assure them that the glitch will be patched soon. This article reveals details about this bug and what the publisher has said regarding the issue.

Fortnite Raz Challenges: Epic aims to fix the glitch in-game

The recent Fortnite Raz Challenge comprises a series of challenges that takes gamers to the main Spire to defeat the Glyph Master Raz NPC. Completing the primary challenges and defeating the Fortnite Raz NPC gives gamers XPs and rewards.

Players, however, have pointed out that due to some kind of glitch in the game, the XPs and other rewards cannot be claimed. While some bugs can be amusing, ones like these can be frustrating as they deny users rewards for their hard grind.

They drew Epic’s attention to the issue, and the developers immediately set out to inspect the problem. They have released an official statement addressing gamers and assuring that the issue has been spotted and they are working to fix the Fortnite Raz Challenges.

Epic has also revealed that work is underway, but gamers are not aware of when they will be able to claim the rewards and XPs from the Fortnite Raz Challenges. The American company has not revealed any specific time when it will fix the issue, so gamers are advised to wait for official announcements.

The final Fortnite Raz Challenge requires gamers to defeat the Glyph Master Raz NPC. Various users reported that the mission is quite challenging, as it requires a perfect strategy along with adequate ammunition.

Defeating the Raz NPC will allow gamers to claim the Glyph Master Raz NPC cosmetic as a reward. However, they have to complete specific tasks before challenging the NPC boss to claim the cosmetic prize.

Loopers must unlock the Raz skin by breaking into tier 50 and buy the Battle Pass available for 950 V-Bucks. If these criteria are met, they can challenge and claim the Glyph Master Raz cosmetic by defeating the NPC boss.


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