“For me it’s not about title shots”


Jiri Prochazka has a unique approach when it comes to what he considers important in his fighting career.

For ‘Denisa’, it is neither the title shots nor any prolific matchmaking that counts. The experience of fighting inside the octagon against tough opponents is what really matters to Jiri Prochazka. In his post-event press conference after UFC Vegas 25, Prochazka said:

“Yeah, little bit nerves. But for me it’s not these title shots and the fighting and matchmaking for me, it’s not so important me. What’s important is the journey – to enjoy the tough opponents, to enjoy sharing the cage with hard opponents, and that’s why I like it. And this fight was great, but I enjoy that. I enjoyed Dominick’s fight IQ. I have new skills that I need to learn, that I need to work for,” Jiri Prochazka said.

Jiri Prochazka locked horns with Dominick Reyes at the main event of UFC Vegas 25 that took place on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at the Apex facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jiri Prochazka scores a stunning KO over Dominick Reyes at UFC Vegas 25

In just his second UFC outing, Jiri Prochazka laid waste to former light heavyweight title challenger Dominick Reyes with a powerful knockout at the 4:29 mark of the second round.

Prochazka had Reyes against the fence, with the latter trying to fight back and protect himself at the same time. However, Reyes did not see the spinning elbow coming that sent him straight to the mat. No follow-up punches were required as referee Herb Dean stepped in immediately to stop the fight.

In the press conference, Jiri Prochazka gave due credit to his opponent, saying that he enjoyed clashing with Dominick Reyes’ fight IQ and that Reyes caught him off his guard a couple of times.

“When he was a little bit wobbling, he countered me very, very well, because I felt like ‘Yes, I got it, the situation is mine’. But he surprised me – twice, or more in the fight – that’s the big learning for the next fight.”

He also answered whether he had the spinning elbow planned and practiced or it was a shot he conjured up in the moment. Jiri Prochazka clarified that the latter was the case and also joked about how his unique hairstyle works as an ‘antenna’ to give him such ideas for his fights.

Published 02 May 2021, 11:58 IST


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