Former WCW star reveals why the Natural Born Thrillers were ahead of their time


Chuck Palumbo recently opened up about his experience as part of the Natural Born Thrillers in WCW.

The Natural Born Thrillers faction made their WCW debut in 2000. The group consisted of Chuck Palumbo, Johnny ‘the Bull’, Mike Sanders, Reno Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak and Sean O’Haire.

During a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Defined, Chuck Palumbo opened up about the Natural Born Thrillers’ journey from the WCW Power Plant to national television. Palumbo also spoke about how fantastic it was that they got to work together on WCW television after coming up through the system together:

That group of guys, we all started in the same place, from the Power Plant. Now, we were not guys that were brought in. We were not Goldberg and stuff like that who were kinda fed into the business. We were guys who struggled to break into the business. We didn’t have a connection. We didn’t know people on the outside. We worked very hard to get out of the Power Plant and to get contracts and to get on mainstream television, so we all knew what it took to get there and we stuck together. To be able to have that opportunity to all work together on TV was fantastic. We were having a great time. We couldn’t believe it, that we were all working together.

Chuck Palumbo on WCW’s Natural Born Thrillers being ahead of their time

Chuck Palumbo also spoke about how the Natural Born Thrillers were ahead of their time as far as their in-ring style was concerned.

Palumbo put over every member of his former faction as a great athlete and spoke about how their in-ring work in WCW could be compared athletically to the modern day styles of wrestling. Here’s what the former WCW star had to say:

All those guys were exceptional talents. If you look back now and look at the way they moved and worked, we were ahead of our time and at the time, the things we were doing athletically would be in comparison to what the guys do now. We were athletic. We were at that transition where the business wasn’t ready for that yet. A majority of the guys in the business were working a different style and we came in very green so we didn’t know about the psychology but we knew how to move in the ring and we kind of stepped it up from an athletic standpoint.

During the same interview, Chuck Palumbo also opened up about his experience working with Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth in WCW. You can check that out HERE.

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