Fortnite leaks reveal first look of the Armored Batman skin in Season 6


Some new Fortnite leaks have given players a look at the new Armored Batman skin. The new Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point collaboration is a highly anticipated event coming to the game. The new Fortnite leaks have shown players what Batman’s suit will look like by the end of the story.

However, players might have to wait until the summer for it to fully integrate itself to the Fortnite island. Originally, the Armored Batman skin was meant for players to see after the miniseries was concluded.

Fortnite leaks reveal Armored Batman

The new Fortnite leaks came from iFireMonkey and clearly showed what the new skin is going to look like. A number of other leaks suggested the skin would be an exact copy or very close design to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suit.

Though it’s not the same design, it certainly has some callbacks to it as it is quite heavy overall.

The new Armored Batman skin is a bulky design that gives the impression that it may be built for a lot of damage. That should not come as a surprise to many, as Batman is almost certainly going to be fighting against a lot of other people and possibly even travel through Zero Point itself.

Although these Fortnite leaks don’t show more than one image, it’s still very interesting to see the design ahead of its original release.

There are sure to be many more Fortnite leaks coming soon as each month brings more issues and insights to the Batman/Fortnite story. It will be interesting to see how the story concludes and how Batman will impact the Zero Point and the Fortnite Island.

With the conclusion for the storyline set to be in July, much of the story has already merged into the Fortnite island.

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Published 03 May 2021, 23:27 IST


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