Fortnite ‘Monki’ skin concept wins hearts online – The monkey with a knack for Banana’s

The popular Fortnite Skin concept creator known as D3NNI on Twitter is back at it with their latest and, arguably, most adorable skin design which is cutely named Monki.

Fortnite ‘Monki’ skin concept wins hearts online – The monkey with a knack for Bananas

Skin designer D3NNI has proclaimed Monki to be Peely’s biggest fan, though the hearts of the Fortnite community have already been sweetly stolen by D3NNI’s newest concept.

Accessories that could be featured alongside Monki, should Fortnite developers wisely decide to pick up yet another of D3NNI’s concepts, would include a Peely Back Bling and Peely is #1 Foam Finger harvesting tool.

Though these adorable accessories are a way for Monki to pay respect to their favorite banana, they are also cleverly constructed as monkeys and bananas go together like Chug Jugs and #1 Victory Royales.

D3NNI is known for putting significant thought behind their concept creations. Their latest to be featured on the Fortnite battlefield, Isabelle, is one of the most magical in-game skins available yet.

Isabelle is not only a mystical student from Oakwitch Academy, she has her own reactive emote featuring books quite like those loopers are currently trying to locate regarding a Season 6 battle pass challenge.

Isabelle was well-received, just as D3NNI’s first skin featured in-game was. The concept artist has managed to build quite a name and following for themselves, which will surely lead to more collaborations with Epic Games’ Fortnite team.

With summer just around the corner and its adorable appearance, Monki would be an excellent addition to Fortnite players’ lockers. Monki’s in-game debut should the character be granted one, mixed with the Fortnite community’s playful nature, would surely lead to the rebirth of one of the internet’s favorite memes and sounds which blew up on TikTok…

Until anything is official, though, players can enjoy D3NNI’s other creations found in Fortnite’s Item Shop and keep up with the artist’s latest creations via their social media.

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