Full list of all combination lock codes in Resident Evil Village


Combination lock codes in Resident Evil Village are something players need to know in order to progress in-game.

Resident Evil Village is similar to all other Resident Evil games in that there are a few safes, locks, and other locked mysteries that need codes for opening. In past games, these locked items range from very rare weapons, herbs, keys, and other various useful in-game items.

Of course, Resident Evil Village is no different in that it too has a small collection of sealed items throughout the game. The combination lock codes in Resident Evil Village are easy to find but are easier to learn below.

Combination Lock Codes in Resident Evil Village

Players will find combination lock codes in Resident Evil Village for one locked door and two safes, unlike previous games where there are various locked areas.

Of course, each code for the three locks are all different. One of the locked safes can be found in the Workshop, which is located on the first floor of the Village. The code for this safe is 07-04-08, and players will find a new pistol and a Jack Handle here. Players need to be watchful here, as some creatures tend to rush in and attack from behind if players are not careful.

Another safe can be found in Luthierโ€™s House; the combination for this safe is 27-09-17. Players will find an F2 Rifle High-Capacity Mag inside.

Lastly, players can find a locked door in Benevientoโ€™s House. The combination for this door will be 05-29-11; unlocking this door progresses the overall game.

Once a player has used all combination lock codes in Resident Evil Village, that will be the end of the need to find any other combinations. Resident Evil Village plays more with the mystery of Ethan and the Village itself, calling for more exploration rather than lock picking like other previous Resident Evil games.

Regardless, after knowing the combination lock code in Resident Evil Village, players should easily progress in the game.

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