Genshin Impact introduces 2 Factor Authentication to improve account security


Genshin Impact finally announced 2 Factor Authentication on May 17th, as Mihoyo released a notice informing players of the new system being added:

After 5/17 18:00 (UTC+8), a new security verification function will take effect when you log in. Once this function is active, a verification code will be sent to your linked email address or mobile number when you log in to a new device to ensure that it is you using that device.

Genshin Impact players can finally rest assured that their accounts will be safe, as Mihoyo is adding the long requested 2FA security measure. Players will now be able to link their account to their phone number or email address and whenever they open the game, they will be sent a code to provide as verification. This is a huge step towards account security. Previously, accounts were only secured by a user’s email address. Players can now make sure their accounts are safe with this security measure.

Genshin Impact adding 2 Factor Authentication

Players have long awaited this security measure’s addition to Genshin Impact, as having unsecured accounts has caused a lot of anxiety in the community. Players worry greatly about their accounts being hacked or stolen, and now with this new system players will finally be at ease. Two Factor Authentication was previously announced to be released in Genshin Impact 1.5, but information was minimal until its sudden release on May 17th. Players heavily requested this feature over the many months that Genshin Impact has been available, and it has now been released.

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Many players suffered prior to this addition as hacking was rampant in Genshin Impact, and even high level players like Tectone and Mtashed were victims of account hacking. Now that 2FA has been added, players will no longer have to worry about this danger. Players should definitely make sure to take advantage of this feature to secure their accounts permanently, as an insecure account still runs the risk of being hacked.

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2 Factor Authentication has been a long time coming for Genshin Impact, and now that it is finally released, players can secure their accounts from any invaders.

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