Geoff Neal on health problems and a long lay-off


Following his loss to Neil Magny at UFC Vegas 26, Geoff Neal is now on his first ever two-fight losing streak. The first of these successive losses came in December where he was outpointed by Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson.

Before the losses to Magny and Thompson, Neal had been undefeated in the UFC. A six-fight win streak over the likes of Mike Perry and Belal Muhammed had seen Neal force his way into the top 10 of the UFC welterweight division.

Neal Still Proud Even in Defeat

Despite the two losses, Neal still seems in good spirits. He posted the following on his Instagram account post-fight:

“Well there goes another one lol. Felt really good in the first round and the second one was close. Even in defeat I’m still proud of this one as well. It was another honor to step in there with another crafty veteran in Neil Magny.”

Neal also revealed that he is now going to take a period of time away from the sport. This is due to his having suffering from sepsis a year prior. His body is still not fully recovered even now. Neal stated the following:

“I’m probably gonna take some time away and take care of my health a little bit. My body hasn’t been right since I got sepsis last year. I’ve been dealing with off and on sickness and severe lack of energy since then. I almost pulled out of this fight last week because I was vomiting/diarrhea for 3 days and after having to rehydrate and replenish what my body lost I found myself sitting at 208 pounds exactly 1 week before weigh ins. But I got issues, so I said fuck it and cut 37 pounds in a week anyway. Lol Probably a super dangerous/stupid decision, but nothing great ever gets done trying to play it safe.”

‘Handz of Steel’ WIll be Back With a Vengenace

Neal finished the post on a positive, stating that he will be going on vacation next week and will then begin a full recovery. The talented American striker will no doubt be back in the octagon before too long:

“Gonna go on my FIRST real vacation to Hawaii next week, come back, get some blood test done to figure out what’s going on with my body and I PROMISE you I will be back with a vengeance. Thanks to all my Coaches and teammates who helped my through this camp. And thanks again to Neil. That was a solid veteran performance.”


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