GTA 5 Android APK download links on internet are fake as game is not available on smartphones in 2021


Despite GTA 5 being released more than seven years ago, the game has remained relevant and is enjoyed by users worldwide. Its sales numbers, coupled with the extensive viewership of the title on various video streaming platforms for 2020, only indicate the year-on-year growth in its popularity.

With the advent of mobile gaming, Rockstar Games has ported several iconic titles from the celebrated Grand Theft Auto series, including:

  1. GTA: Liberty City Stories
  2. GTA: Chinatown Wars
  3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  5. Grand Theft Auto 3

However, the more recent games from the series, i.e., GTA 4 and 5, are yet to be released for smartphones.

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APK download links of GTA 5 on the internet are a 100% fake

A snippet of one such phony link to the APK file
A snippet of one such phony link to the APK file

A lot of GTA 5 download links have cropped up on the internet. Players must note that all such links are 100% fake and do not work as the game isn’t available for the platform.

A snippet of one such fake link of the APK file
A snippet of one such fake link of the APK file

Users are recommended to stay away from all such links as they might consist of viruses and harm their device. Moreover, these sites may also pose a threat to their personal information.

Therefore, players must avoid looking for ways to download GTA 5 on their mobile phones.

GTA 5 using Steam Link
GTA 5 using Steam Link

However, players have an alternative method and can mirror GTA 5 via applications like Steam Link and PS Remote Play. Also, it can be enjoyed using Xbox Game Pass.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Steam Link and mirror GTA 5 on smartphones:

Step 1: Players have to download the Steam Link using Google Play Store.

Step 2: Next, they should pair their device to the Steam app on their PC/laptop.

Pairing the device
Pairing the device

Step 3: Users must click on the “Start Playing” button, and their screen will transition to the “Big Picture” mode.

Step 4: Lastly, they can select GTA 5 from their Steam Library and tap on the “Play” button.

It is worth noting that the game must be running on the player’s laptop/PC. They can click here to read the detailed guide on playing GTA 5 using Steam Link.

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