How long do you have to be retired to get into the NFL Hall of Fame?


Being named in the NFL Hall of Fame is one of the highest accolades any NFL player or coach can earn. Every player enters the league hoping to one day receive their gold jacket at the Hall of Fame ceremony in Canton, Ohio.

So, how long does a former NFL player have to wait to be eligible for NFL Hall of Fame consideration?

How long do NFL players have to be retired to be eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame?

An NFL player and coach must spend at least five years in retirement before being considered for the Hall of Fame. There is no mandatory retirement period for a contributor before he may be considered.

Who selects new Hall of Fame members?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 46-person Selection Committee decides who enters the Hall of Fame each year. The committee consists of one media representative from each geographical area with a current NFL franchise.

A 33rd member is a representative of the Pro Football Writers of America, and there are 13 at-large delegates.

The Selection Committee meets every year at the Super Bowl to elect new members to the Hall of Fame. There is no set number of new Hall of Famers, but the Committee’s current rules dictate that between four and eight new members will be selected each year.

Each candidate must receive at least 80 percent approval from the Committee before he can be elected.

Who is eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame in 2022?

Former NFL players who are first-year eligible candidates for the Hall of Fame in 2022 include:

Tony Romo – Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys (2003–2016).

Anquan Boldin – Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals (2003–2009), Baltimore Ravens (2010–2012), San Francisco 49ers (2013–2015) and Detroit Lions (2016).

Vince Wilfork – Defensive Tackle for the New England Patriots (2004–2014) and Houston Texans (2015–2016).

Robert Mathis – Defensive End for the Indianapolis Colts (2003–2016).


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