How to find the Cult Artifact in Fortnite


Fortnite has been creating some exciting weekly challenges recently. Much of the game content in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 has interestingly heavily revolved around the island’s current storyline.

The weekly challenges have become more story-driven, and it seems as though every challenge has a reason for its completion. One of the many challenges requires players to search for a Cult Artifact.

The Cult Artifact is one of several items players must look for in order to continue their Fortnite lore. Luckily, below is a breakdown as to where a player can find it.

Finding the Cult Artifact in Fortnite

Location of the Cult Artifact (Image via Twitter)
Location of the Cult Artifact (Image via Twitter)

The Cult Artifact resembles a miniature Spire Tower in an all-matte black color and is hiding near the main Spire Tower in Fortnite. Players can easily find this artifact if they head to the tower and go up one of the bottom two zip lines to a building directly below the tower itself.

Once a player has jumped off the zipline and is in front of the building closest to the Spire Tower, they should then be able to walk in and notice a small Cult Artifact on a corner next to a small bench and ammo box.

What makes it easier for players is that these artifacts glow blue, similar to literature pieces, and can easily be seen when entering the room. Collecting the artifact will then complete the Fortnite challenge and move players onto the next task.

There are other similar tasks such as finding a Cult Talisman, which is nearly the same in that it is located in any of the smaller Spire Towers. All players have to do is defeat the Spire Guardian at the said tower to obtain the talisman.

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