How to get free FFWS 2021 Surfboard in Free Fire through Master Showcase event


The Free Fire World Series 2021 is just around the corner, and Garena has planned numerous events around this mega tournament.

The developers have revealed the FFWS event calendar, and a few have already commenced, including the “Pet Rumble Mission” and “Master Showcase.” These Free Fire events will not only keep players indulged with the battle royale title for days but will also offer various exciting rewards.

The FFWS calendar
The FFWS calendar

The exclusive FFWS 2021 Surfboard is one of the rewards available in the Master Showcase event, and here is a guide to obtaining this Free Fire item.

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Obtaining the FFWS 2021 Surfboard in Free Fire

Players must collect a specified number of badges to earn the rewards
Players must collect a specified number of badges to earn the rewards

The Master Showcase event started on May 17th, i.e., today, and will end on May 26th.

During the event, players will have to complete numerous tasks, including playing a specific number of games, creating memes, answering questions, and collecting various badges.

Users need a specific number of badges to acquire the rewards. Here is a list of available items

  • Gold Royale Voucher: Four Badges
  • Weapon Royale Voucher: Eight Badges
  • FFWS 2021 Surfboard: 13 Badges
Rules for the event
Rules for the event

Here are the batches, along with the given conditions that players must fulfill to obtain the rewards:

  • Oath to FFW: Log in on 30/5 to watch FFWS
  • Masquerade: Play games by using six different characters
  • Survival Expert: Live longer than 150 mins
  • Mode Lover: Play BR classic, CS classic, and BR rank mode for at least three games.
  • Cover Me: Play with friends three times
  • Awaken! Andrew!: Use Andrew in 5 games
  • Killing Machine: Kill over five enemies in a game
  • Time to Party: Log in and check this website
  • Weekday Job: Login to this page for five days
  • Smile of the Muse: Share all kinds of memes that you made
  • Test Robot: Answer all questions of CG correctly!

In addition to this, there are three other mystery badges whose requirements haven’t been revealed. If users earn a mystery badge (fulfill secret condition), it will automatically get unlocked.

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