How to watch Nadeshot’s Warzone Invitational tournament


Nadeshot will be hosting his own Warzone Invitational later this week, and the event has a prize pool of $100,000.

The Nadeshot Invitational will take place this week over two days – May 18 and May 19.

Anyone interested in watching the Nadeshot Invitational Warzone event should head to Nadeshot’s Twitch channel at The event itself will begin broadcasting on May 18, at 11am PST/ 2pm EST.

Everything will be split over two days of Warzone action. The second day is likely to begin at the same time.

Nadeshot Invitational Warzone event details and players

One of the main attractions of the Warzone event is the huge prize pool, which is a massive $100,000. That’s the same amount as the New York Subliners WarzoneMania event that is set to start in early June of this year.

The Nadeshot Invitational itself will be formatted as a duos event. There will be 16 separate teams and 32 total players that will participate in the Warzone challenge. To win, teams will have to chase after the highest number of kills in two separate stages of the competition.

In stage one, all 16 teams will compete in a kill race to qualify for the top 8 spots. Once stage two begins, there will be double eliminations with a continued kill race event. Teams will compete in the same quads lobbies in order to face off in the stream. Matches will continue until all of the winners advance to a final match. Nadeshot, Maven and MerK will be the ones to commentate during the invitational event.

Keeping up with all of the teams and developments in the Nadeshot Invitational may prove to be a lot, but there is a tool for that. BOOM.TV will contain the standings for the event, and the listings will be updated to reflect the event 10 minutes after each match concludes. From there, viewers will be able to track what’s happening in the Warzone event.

Since everything will begin on May 18, viewers won’t have to wait long to see who wins the Nadeshot Invitational.


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