Improved loot, double Crafting parts, Mech Parts increased, and more details


A new Fortnite improvement has come through, giving players better loot, weapons, and more.

This news comes to players as Fortnite Status on Twitter announced that they have made a few changes to the in-game experience. As players & fans alike have become exuberant by recent leaks, the news is a great improvement to the game and is sure to make the gameplay a bit better as the changes mentioned are some that players have been asking for.

Fortnite Status has been on the receiving end of several praises online, as the news has made several players happy.

Fortnite Improvements & More

The first announcement from Fortnite Status was the return of the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle. Both weapons were previously vaulted, the Infantry Rifle was last seen during Chapter 1 Season X, whereas the Tactical Shotgun was last seen during Chapter 2 Season 5. It’s unclear just how long both weapons will be in-game and if the players will get all the other variants.

The next announcement was that there will be double the chance of finding Crafting Parts in floor loot. Fortnite Status emphasizes that this is in addition to the last update for Crafting Parts as it was already put into place before. They also mentioned that Mechanical Parts are now at a 50% increase when players check cars. These are both great additions as it can be very hard to find parts when a player wants to upgrade, making the whole crafting idea obsolete.

Finally, there is an improved loot chance at fishing spots, Supply Drops, and Bunker Chests. These improved loot chances are also in favor of finding Classic Weapons. Many players and fans alike have complained online that there are too many Primal and Makeshift weapons in-game, making it less fun and exciting. Though those weapons are the new meta, there are still mixed reactions from players.

Thankfully, these improvements and changes will make the game feel a bit more like previous seasons.

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Published 04 May 2021, 02:03 IST


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