Michael Vaughan on bowlers knowing about the ball-tampering 


Former England captain Michael Vaughan doesn’t want to delve too much into the past regarding the 2018 Australian ball-tampering scandal.

The Englishman’s comments come after Cameron Bancroft, one of the three who was suspended in the aftermath of the incident, hinted that the Australian bowlers knew about what was happening in the middle.

“All I wanted to do was to be responsible and accountable for my own actions and part. Yeah, obviously what I did benefits bowlers, and the awareness around that, probably, is self-explanatory,” Bancroft said in an interview recently.

In his most recent tweet, Michael Vaughan stated that bowlers knew that the characteristics of the ball had been changed but wanted everyone to move on from the episode, given that it was put to bed a long time ago.

“So the bowlers potentially knew about the ball in Cape Town !!! Of course they did but surely that episode has been put to bed a long time ago … Let’s move on … #OnOn,” Michael Vaughan wrote in his tweet.

Cricket Australia open to investigating any new information about the ball-tampering saga

Soon after Cameron Bancroft’s comments went viral, Cricket Australia (CA) released a statement saying they were ready to reopen the investigation if anyone presented them with new information. They said:

“CA has maintained all along that if anyone is in possession of new information in regards to the Cape Town Test of 2018, they should come forward and present it. The investigation conducted at the time was detailed and comprehensive. Since then, no one has presented new information to CA that casts doubt on the investigation’s findings.”

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke also echoed Cameron Bancroft’s words and stated that more than three people clearly knew about what happened in the middle.

“They’ve got to hold the ball to bowl with it,” Clarke was quoted as saying by Fox Cricket.

“I can tell you now if you went and grabbed a pen, just a pen and put a little ‘1’ somewhere on my cricket bat; on top of the handle, on the edge of the bat, on the toe of the bat, on the face, under the grip, anywhere, just a little number one, I would have noticed,” he added.

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