Miranda Cosgrove condemns racism towards iCarly’s new cast member Laci Moseley


Miranda Cosgrove has spoken out against the racism that Laci Mosley, a new cast member for the iCarly reboot, has been experiencing on social media.

Laci Mosley was cast to play Carly’s (played by Miranda Cosgrove) best friend and roommate, Harper.

In the past, Sam Puckett, played by Jennette McCurdy, was Carly’s best friend. However, McCurdy refused to return to the show alongside Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress and others.

Laci Mosley’s role isn’t meant to be the new Sam Puckett, but rather an additional star alongside Miranda Cosgrove.

Regardless, it appears some people on social media were unhappy with the new cast member and launched racist attacks on her.

iCarly are proud to be racially diverse” – Miranda Cosgrove reposts Paramount statement to slam racist attacks towards new cast member Laci Mosley

Laci Mosley recently took to social media to highlight the racist comments she has been receiving. She was reported to be getting hate on TikTok, where some fans of iCarly have been posting racist videos and comments.

The iCarly studio and Miranda Cosgrove did not stay silent on the subject and addressed the racist attacks on social media.

Miranda Cosgrove was quick to repost a message from Paramount to help defend her new castmate against the online racist attacks.

“iCarly are proud to be racially diverse, not only in our crew, but in our cast. We have recently seen reports of racism towards a member of our iCarly cast, and it is not acceptable! Please think about your words and take time to understand how what you say can impact other people.”

Laci Mosley has made it clear on social media that she is not simply replacing Sam with her character Harper. She will instead be playing an entirely new character to accompany the rest of the cast in the iCarly reboot.


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