“Never say never” – Renowned WWE personality Renee Paquette on possible return of former WWE Champion


Could we see a WWE return for CM Punk? One of his former colleagues thinks it’s entirely possible.

Former WWE commentator and host of her own “Oral Sessions” podcast Renee Paquette was the latest guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily show. At one point, she discussed a potential return to wrestling for one of her broadcast colleagues, former WWE Champion CM Punk.

‘“I think it’s just like anything else with WWE, you just never say never,” said Paquette. (H/t to WrestlingHeadlines.)

“We’ve seen people come back who none of us ever thought would return,” she added. “I think [CM Punk] is somebody who falls under that category. End of the day, the guy is a wrestler… I hope we get to see Punk wrestle someone someday.”

Could CM Punk come back to wrestling… just not in WWE?

CM Punk in WWE
CM Punk in WWE

Of course, as Paquette pointed out, even if CM Punk returns to wrestling, he won’t necessarily reunite with WWE.

“At this point, I don’t think anyone cares where it is,” Paquette added. “Everyone just wants to see him get back out there. Tick Tock, brother. Let’s go. There’s always going to be rumblings. The fact is people just want to see him back wrestling, and whatever way that happens, if it ever does, I think people would freak. I’ll freak.”

Paquette also touched on other subjects, such as her return to WWE Backstage this past January.

“[It] was still nice to see everyone, I loved to catch up with Booker T and Paige,” said Paquette.

Last month, Triple H discussed the possibility of CM Punk returning by saying that WWE is open to it. But he emphasized that it “has to be what [Punk] wants.”

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