PMPL Season 1 CIS Finals Day 2 overall standings


The second day of the Grand Finals of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) season 1 CIS concluded with fan-favorite Natus Vincere leading the overall points table.

The top 16 qualified teams of the region are competing against each other for the supreme title and $150,000 prize. The top three teams along with Natus Vincere will qualify for the PMPL: EMEA championship.

PMPL Season 2 CIS Grand Finals Day 2 overall standings

PMPL CIS Finals overall standings after day 2
PMPL CIS Finals overall standings after day 2

The first match played on the map Erangel was won by Natus Vincere (Navi) with 12 kills followed by Virtus Pro with 8 frags. Although Team Unique got eliminated early, they still managed to rack up 5 kills. Navi’s Tixzy took 7 kills in the match.

PMPL CIS Finals overall standings after day 2
PMPL CIS Finals overall standings after day 2

Team 1218 won the second match played on the desert map of Miramar with 13 frags followed by Team Unique and Team Pain with 7 and 8 eight frags respectively.

The third and fourth match played on the maps Sanhok and Erangel were won by Konina Power with 9 eliminations. Virtus Pro secured third place in both the matches while Navi eliminated 8 enemies in the Sanhok match. Qodex took 12 frags in the fourth match securing second place.

The final two matches played on Miramar and Sanhok again were won by Team Onyx with 13 and 6 eliminations. Alliance made a comeback and secured top three positions in both these matches with 4 and 7 frags respectively. Team 1218 was eliminated early from the final match but was able to grab 6 kills.

At the end of the day, Navi is leading the overall points table with 70 kills and 131 points. Team 1218 climbed three places to finish in second place with 64 kills and 127 points. Alliance slipped to third place with 125 points. Konina Power gained eight places to finish in sixth place while Team Unique maintained their fourth spot.

Top 5 kill leaders
Top 5 kill leaders

With only six matches left, it will be interesting to see whether Navi can maintain their pole position or will face retaliation from bottom-ranked teams.


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