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COD Mobile has been really quick to introduce and tease the Legendary Draws and weapons due to the craze among the fans of COD Mobile, who pay thousands of COD points to procure such weapons of extreme rarity.

As the third week of the newest season of COD Mobile Tokyo Escape has barely started, another Legendary weapon blueprint, Arctic .50 – Foxfire, made its way to the game.

Arctic .50 – Foxfire and 10 other epic and legendary rarity rewards are featured in the new Legendary Lucky Draw: Inari Okami Draw.

The draw is paid and can cost a fortune in terms of COD Points, but the contents of the draw are too fascinating to ignore.

Here are all the details, from the pricing to the contents of the lucky draw.

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All details about Inari Okami Draw in COD Mobile

Inari Okami Draw features exciting rewards (Image via Activision)
Inari Okami Draw features exciting rewards (Image via Activision)

Pricing and odds

Inari Okami Draw has a total of 10 items, including Legendary Weapon Blueprint, Arctic .50 – Foxfire, and Epic Operator, Scarlett Rhodes – Cutthroat. All of the items have some initial odds or chances, which increase after the purchases are made.

The Legendary weapon being the rarest item are the toughest to grab in initial purchases; however, it is not impossible as lucky users can grab the Legendary weapon in the first few tries.

The price of each turn is random except for the very first turn, which is priced at 10 CP (different for different servers). The pricing of the next turns will be affected by the items acquired in the previous turn.

Rewards and rarity

Legendary Arctic .50 - Foxfire(Image via Activision)
Legendary Arctic .50 – Foxfire(Image via Activision)

Here’s a list of all the items in the draw, along with their initial odds:

  • Arctic .50 – Foxfire: 0.08% initial odds (Legendary Weapon)
  • Scarlett Rhodes – Cutthroat: 1.25% initial odds (Epic Operator)
  • BK57 – Guardian Spirit: 4.00% initial odds (Epic Weapon)
  • ‘Wavedance’ emote: 4.67% initial odds (Epic emote)
  • Katana – Guardian Spirit: 5.50% initial odds (Epic Melee Weapon)
  • Calling Card – Flames of the Fox: 6.50% initial odds (Legendary item)
  • Frag Grenade – Guardian Spirit Lethal: 10.00% initial odds (Epic Lethal Weapon)
  • Kitsune Charm: 11.00% initial odds (Legendary item)
  • Parachute – Guardian Spirit: 28.00% initial odds (Epic item)
  • Wingsuit – Guardian Spirit: 29.00% initial odds (Epic item)

Twitter reactions

Response on COD Mobile
Response on COD Mobile’s Twitter handle was commendable (Image via Activision)

Twitter’s response was positive as many fans were already impressed by the Japanese theme.

Here’s a look at some reactions from the users:

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