Prize pool distribution and format revealed 


The Free Fire City Open 2021 is a four-month-long tournament where eligible teams from 8 regions in India will battle it out for the ultimate title and a massive prize pool of 60 lakh INR.

Free Fire City Open format

Free Fire City Open Format
Free Fire City Open Format

FFC Cup:- The first stage was an open qualifier where registered teams competed against each other. The top 12 teams from each region have qualified for the next stage.

City/ Regional Finals:- Twelve qualified teams from each region will play best-of-six matches. The champions will proceed to the national finals, while the 2nd to 4th-ranked teams will be relegated to the regional play-ins.

City/Regional Play-ins:- The 2nd to 4th-ranked teams of the regional finals from all the eight regions (24 teams) will be clubbed into 2 groups, where they will compete in best-of-six matches. The top 6 teams from each group (12 teams) will qualify for the regional play-ins finals.

City/ Regional Play-ins Finals:- The top 12 teams from the regional play-ins will once again compete in a best-of-six format. The top 2 teams will move to the national finals.

Wildcard Finals:- The top 12 teams from the FFC Cup that are not eligible to be city representatives will be considered as wildcard teams. They will battle for 2 spots in the finals.

National Finals:- The top 12 teams from the previous stages (8 from Regional Finals, 2 from Regional Play-ins Finals, and 2 from Wildcard Finals) will battle it out in best-of-six matches, and the best team will be crowned Free Fire City Open champions.

Prize pool distribution for the Free Fire City Open

National Finals:-

1st Place (Winners):- 15,00,000 INR

2nd Place (1st Runner-up):- 7,50,000 INR

3rd Place (2nd Runner-up):- 5,00,000 INR

4th Place:- 3,00,000 INR

5th Place:- 2,00,000 INR

6th Place:- 2,00,000 INR

7th Place:- 1,50,000 INR

8th Place:- 1,50,000 INR

9th Place:- 1,00,000 INR

10th Place:- 1,00,000 INR

11th Place:- 50,000 INR

12th Place:- 50,000 INR

Top Kills (Team):- 100,000 INR

City /Wildcard Finals/Play-ins :-

Champion- 1,00,000 INR

1st Runner-up- 50,000 INR

2nd Runner-up- 25,000 INR

4th Place- 25,000 INR

FFC Cup (Online open Qualifiers):-

All players who competed in at least 5 games in the Free Fire City Open Qualifiers phase will receive 500 in-game gold.

Members of the first-placed team in the qualifiers phase will win:

  • 1x Diamond Voucher
  • 1x Armor Crate
  • 1x Bounty Token
  • 1x Weapon Voucher
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