Resident Evil Village – This Lady Dimitrescu cosplay has the Internet in splits


Resident Evil Village is out now and the world finally gets their chance to meet Lady Dimitrescu up close and personal.

Prior to the release of the game, however, the marketing had Resident Evil Village fans drooling over the mysterious tall lady. The trailers showed her off, leaving future players wondering exactly what to expect from this massive beauty.

Olympian Ekaterina Lisina decided to bring Lady Dimitrescu to life. This was before Resident Evil Village was available to play. Now that gamers have it in their hands, the cosplay has resurfaced.

Resident Evil Village – This Lady Dimitrescu cosplay has the Internet in splits

Image via Capcom and Ekaterina Lisina
Image via Capcom and Ekaterina Lisina

Ekaterina Lisina holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest professional model. She also won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in basketball with the Russian National Team.

At 6’9″, it is no wonder she pulled off the Lady Dimitrescu cosplay so well. Her height and posture while wearing the cosplay outfit matches the elegance paired with terror that Lady Dimitrescu has brought to Resident Evil Village.

Breaking the internet is a term used rather loosely these days. It doesn’t take much in current times to “break the internet.” This Olympian’s cosplay of the tall lady truly did it in the full sense of the term.

Reactions to Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay

One Twitter user truly thinks this Resident Evil Village cosplay deserves a gold medal. That would be just a couple of steps above the bronze medal she earned in 2008.

Another user on Twitter simply shared the photo with a caption and all they could say was the word “bruh.” That has to sum up a handful of the reactions from fans who saw this the first time.

Others simply commented on the model herself. One such fan recognized the model’s height and claimed they would climb her like a tree. That is a bit much.

Others simply could not help themselves when it came to reacting to the photos of Ekaterina Lisina. Whether excitement or apparent love, the Lady Dimitrescu cosplay got some blood pumping.

It just shows how this Resident Evil Village cosplay brought this model new fanatics and a new claim to fame. Not only is she an Olympian, she is everyone’s favorite “tall vampire lady.”


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