Scott Hall permits Damian Priest to use his finisher in WWE

Damian Priest has revealed details of a conversation he had with Scott Hall about using the WWE legend’s famous move and entrance walk.

Since debuting on WWE television in December 2018, Priest has used a move made famous by Hall – the Razor’s Edge – on several occasions. The RAW Superstar’s entrance is also reminiscent of how Hall used to walk to the ring.

Speaking in a WWE Chronicle episode on the WWE Network, Priest said he was glued to the screen as a child whenever he watched Hall. He also discussed his backstage interaction with the two-time WWE Hall of Famer in NXT:

“Of course I was nervous when I asked Scott just permission for anything, whether it was some mannerisms or gear or even moves,” Priest said. “As most people know, I use a Razor’s Edge in my repertoire, which he was also cool enough to bless me with it. The one thing that was cool, when I was like, ‘Hey, so your walk…’ And he goes, ‘The surfer walk?’ And I was like, ‘Surfer? I didn’t even know it had a name. That’s so cool.’ I remember asking him why he did it, and he was like, ‘Originally it’s because I didn’t want people to touch me, so I would walk in between them and make sure they couldn’t reach me.’”

Damian Priest said he uses a slight variation of Scott Hall’s entrance walk. Rather than not wanting people to touch him, he opens up his arms because he wants to soak in the energy of the fans.

Damian Priest’s jacket pays homage to Scott Hall

Scott Hall
Scott Hall’s “Outsiders” jacket (left); Damian Priest’s “Live Forever” jacket (right)

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were known as The Outsiders after leaving WWE to join WCW in 1996. The two men became one of the most dominant tag teams of their generation, winning the WCW Tag Team Championships six times.

Damian Priest revealed in the WWE Chronicle episode that Scott Hall also gave him permission to use The Outsiders’ font on his ring jacket.

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