Some users can accept the new Terms of Service within June 19th!




The new Terms of Service are rolled out since 5 days, but something different is happening for specific users. Let’s discover the details below!


The latest news about the Terms of Service included that WhatsApp claimed (again) that the changes are about chatting with specific business accounts.

But… what happens to people that haven’t accepted the terms yet? They can still use WhatsApp to respond to calls and messages from notifications temporarily, but their WhatsApp account will be limited after some time.
Today, WhatsApp is announcing a new date for specific users, probably living in specific countries like Germany and Argentina, where the government has suspended the updated Terms of Service, June 19th, 2021!
Within that date, some WhatsApp users on Android and iOS will have to accept the terms if they want to continue using WhatsApp without any limitation.

If you want to learn more about the Terms of Service, we created this page that collects all useful articles and news of the terms. Give it a look!
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