Stats, passive abilities, and suitable characters explained


The new Genshin Impact banners are right around the corner, which means players will soon be able to roll from a new selection of powerful characters and weapons.

Alongside the new Song of Broken Pines claymore in the upcoming weapon banner, the Aquila Favonia will once again be featured.

The Aquila Favonia is a five-star sword that was first introduced in late September of 2020. Since the banner ended, players are yet to see it reappear.

The Aquila Favonia has often been considered the best sword in the game within the Genshin Impact community.

This article details the features of the Aquila Favonia and recommends several characters who can make the most out of the sword.

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Genshin Impact’s Aquila Favonia

Stats and abilities of the Aquila Favonia

Genshin Impact’s description of the Aquila Favonia Keqing artwork for Genshin Impact (Image via Momoz Geek)

Five-star weapons in Genshin Impact all have their unique traits, whether that be a powerful base ATK, substat or ability. The Aquila Favonia, for one, has the highest base ATK of any sword, maxing out at 674. The substat boosts Physical DMG and can reach an incredible 41.3% buff.

Aquila Favonia’s stats are deadly, which helps explain the community’s appreciation for the sword. However, its abilities are also very interesting.

The passive ability of the sword increases ATK by 20-40%. Once every 15 seconds upon taking DMG, the equipped character regains HP equal to 100-160% of ATK and deals 200-320% of ATK to surrounding enemies.

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Suggested characters to use with the Aquila Favonia

Keqing is a solid main DPS option who can be built very well for Physical DMG (Image via miHoYo)

The Aquila Favonia is a great sword for any Physical DPS character, either in the main DPS role or support DPS role.

There are very few sword-wielding characters who are praised for their ability to take on the main DPS role.

Keqing, however, is a solid main DPS option who can be built very well for Physical DMG. Her attack speed is very fast, and she has powerful charged attacks. With at least two pieces of the new Pale Flame to further boost Physical DMG, the Aquila Favonia can turn Keqing into an incredible Physical DPS character.

Aside from DPS units, the Aquila Favonia can also work well with some support units. Jean benefits greatly from holding the sword, as the passive ability of the weapon adds nicely to her healing abilities. Qiqi players can also deal some extra sub-DPS with the weapon’s Physical DMG boost.

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