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Genshin Impact is soon to release a brand new character and an impressive new claymore to accompany her.

In just a few days, the Zhongli re-run banner will end, along with the current weapon banner. Replacing these banners will be a new one featuring the upcoming Cryo character, Eula, and one featuring her signature weapon, Song of Broken Pines.

This upcoming claymore is sure to be in the elite tier, likely rivalling one of the most-praised weapons in the game, Wolf’s Gravestone. To explain why this is likely the case, this article details the features of the Song of Broken Pines and points to some characters who should perform well with this claymore equipped.

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Genshin Impact’s Song of Broken Pines: Stats, Passive abilities, and recommended characters

Stats and abilities of the Song of Broken Pines

Render of the upcoming claymore in Genshin Impact, Song of Broken Pines (image via lumie_lumie)
Render of the upcoming claymore in Genshin Impact, Song of Broken Pines (image via lumie_lumie)

Genshin Impact tends to balance its weapon selection by making its weapons strong in different ways. For example, Wolf’s Gravestone and Primordial Jade Cutter are two weapons with relatively low base ATK, but in terms of DPS, they more than make up for it with their passive ability and substat buff, respectively.

The Song of Broken Pines will likely be a powerful five-star weapon in a much more straightforward way. The upcoming claymore will have the highest base ATK of any weapon in Genshin Impact thus far. At level 90, the claymore will have an astounding ATK stat of 741, which is 67 points higher than the next-strongest weapons.

According to official sources, the Song of Broken Pines will also have a substat of Physical DMG. When maxed out. this is confirmed to be a 20.7% buff.

The passive ability of Song of Broken Pines allows its user to stack Sigil of Whispers when landing normal and charged attacks. When four Sigils are stacked, all of them will be consumed to temporarily increase party members’ ATK and ATK SPD.

Also, the claymore’s passive ability is likely to increase its wielder’s ATK. Without refining the weapon, this is expected to be a 16% buff.

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Suggested characters to use with the Song of Broken Pines

Official artwork for Eula (image via Genshin Impact Youtube)
Official artwork for Eula (image via Genshin Impact Youtube)

Undoubtedly, the Song of Broken Pines will be a great weapon for any Physical DPS character.

Of course, since this claymore is Eula’s signature weapon, she will naturally be a great character to pair with it. Eula is also likely to be the best Physical DMG dealer in the game once she’s released, so the claymore’s substat will be perfect for her.

Characters like Razor, who also prioritize Physical DMG, will also be very viable for the new claymore. Players should consider which claymore is best for them and their team before deciding to wish for the Song of Broken Pines, but for any claymore main DPS who doesn’t focus on elemental damage, this weapon should always be a very solid pick.

Thanks to miHoYo’s additions to the game in version 1.5, the Physical DPS approach to Genshin Impact seems to be growing, at least for the time being. When paired with the Pale Flame artifact set, characters equipped with the Song of Broken Pines will be able to deal massive Physical damage with ease.

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