Top AEW stars not on talking terms backstage, Big name hesitant to join the company


Several intriguing backstage reports have emerged from AEW over the past couple of weeks, and they hint at some heat between top executives in Tony Khan’s company.

Wade Keller and Jason Powell provided more insight into the rumors during’s Tuesday Flagship show.

Keller and Powell confirmed that there were apparently ongoing issues between the Executive Vice Presidents in AEW. There is reportedly noticeable dysfunction behind the scenes in AEW, and important people in the promotion are reportedly not even on talking terms.

Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks are currently the EVPS at AEW, and the disagreements at the top level can no longer escape plain sight.

As we had reported earlier, all doesn’t seem to be well between Cody Rhodes and The Elite, but further details have not been revealed regarding the situation.

Keller noted that the reality of the situation might only be known when one of the EVPs releases a tell-all book.

“There’s gonna a book written someday by some of these EVP’s or someone else closely observing, and we’re gonna learn about a lot of dysfunction,” said Keller. “We’re gonna learn what a very short honeymoon period there was between certain key people in the company, who aren’t even talking to each other anymore. I think we’re gonna find that out. I know there are people in other wrestling companies saying The Bucks and Cody and Kenny. It’s not gonna be long at all before they want to have nothing to do with each other. The honeymoon period is going to be short. It seems like it is. It seems like there’s some disengagement and people going off into their own that is showing up in certain ways,” Keller revealed.

A potential ‘difference-maker’ is reluctant to join AEW

The Elite in AEW
The Elite in AEW

Jason Powell added that one big free agent is hesitant to join AEW because the talent has heard about the reported backstage dissension within the company.

While Powell did not reveal the wrestler’s name, the personality was labeled a “would-be difference-maker” for AEW.

“If that is not happening, they need to clear up that misconception,” said Powell. “I do think it’s happening. There’s a would-be difference-maker who could go there that has that opinion that there’s all this in-fighting and this person for that reason is hesitant to go there.” H/t

As Keller stated, the honeymoon phase is undoubtedly over, and the simmering tensions in AEW could have far-reaching effects on the wrestling business as a whole.

We’ll keep track of the story and keep you updated on all the incoming details.


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