Twitter erupts over trio’s Twitch stream together


Alexis “Quackity” Alex and Karl “Gamerboykarl” Jacobs are trending after appearing on a recent broadcast with fellow Dream SMP member George Henry Davidson.

Earlier yesterday, Minecraft fans were thrilled after streamer Karl Jacobs revealed he will be teaming up with GeorgeNotFound and Quackity for a back-to-back stream train.

During the broadcast on George’s stream, the Popular Minecraft gamer Alex and Gamerboykarl were reacting to “Do Not Laugh” type media shares from users.

The different reactions from Alex, George and Karl had fans in splits of laughter.

The trio’s stream team-up has already gone viral with wild reactions. A post on Quackity’s subreddit also had a still of the trio playing Minecraft with the headline caption, “Poggers”, referring to the famous Twitch emoticon.

Quackity straight-faced reaction during GeorgeNotFound’s stream had fans bursting in laughter

One fan said that Alex and Karl looked like George’s bodyguards as the two were side-by-side during the stream.

Another fan joked that George’s hairdo has grown longer, similar to Karl and Alex.

At one point during the broadcast, the trio responded to a user request and reacted to a Tea Kettle Minecraft gameplay by streamer Clay “Dream”. Fans had a good laugh from the trio’s priceless reaction.

Karl and George had their moments on the Twitter trend with some mocking GerogeNotFound as a copycat for looking similar. At one point, the two were seen leaning on each other as fans gushed, calling it the closest they will ever see a meetup.

The Twitter timeline is filled with clips of Alex, George and Karl reacting to different videos as they try not to laugh. It’s fair to say that Quackity’s straight-face reaction had fans laughing the most.

Some fans couldn’t control their hysterical chuckle watching George giggle continuously throughout the media share video. You can check out the Twitter reactions below.

Aside from all the jokes, the community thanked George, Quackity and Karl for the stream train, especially on a weekend.

Alexis is no stranger to popping up on the trend timeline after the recent meltdown on Twitter when Alex was trolled for mistaking Riverdale star Cole Sprouse with Cody Ko.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that the trio’s fandom cannot wait to see them back together. Hopefully, Quackity manages to break a laugh on the next stream.

Published 03 May 2021, 11:47 IST


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