Twitter has a field day after Jake Paul gets hit by Floyd Mayweather


Innumerable users on Twitter have rushed to respond to the brawl between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather on Thursday.

The legendary professional boxer is scheduled to fight Jake Paul’s brother Logan on June 6th. On May 7th, a press conference was held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

However, the event soon got out of hand when Jake Paul decided to square up to Floyd Mayweather. He attempted to run away with the 44-year-old’s hat and was involved in a physical scuffle with him and his bodyguards.

Twitter reacts as Jake Paul gets beat up by Floyd Mayweather and his bodyguards

The press conference was organized to promote the exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. The two squared off on the stage and then separated to answer questions from the media.

Apparently, Floyd Mayweather mentioned to Logan Paul that he would beat both him and his brother on the “same night.”

Jake Paul then confronted the former WBC lightweight champion and asked him to set up the two bouts on the same night. The YouTuber told Floyd to set up a double event by calling his manager.

However, Jake Paul decided to try and run away with Mayweather’s “hat” instead. The former pro briefly choked him as multiple bodyguards got involved in the scuffle.

Security guards got in between them and stopped Floyd Mayweather as he escaped their grasp for some time and appeared genuinely angry. He rushed after Jake Paul as the internet personality repeatedly said, “I’ve got your hat.”

Paul was eventually seen escaping from the commotion with a stretched t-shirt.

However, Floyd Mayweather was not done and went after Jake Paul again. The latter looked to be showing blood and was eventually ushered into a side room and escaped.

Floyd was seen storming off the event, appearing irate. However, Jake Paul could not help himself and posted several social media posts making fun of Mayweather and the incident.

He changed his Twitter username to “GOTCHA HAT” and posted the above product link on the platform. As can be seen, many tweets regarding the incident came up on Jake Paul’s Twitter page.

His brother Logan Paul was not too far behind and posted the following tweets/Instagram posts.

Of course, Floyd Mayweather has a considerable reputation and finished his career as a boxer with a 50-0 record, with 27 of those wins coming via knockouts. He has won 15 major world titles in different weight categories and is the firm favorite to win against Logan Paul.

As can be seen, hundreds of Twitter users supported the sporting legend and made fun of Jake Paul’s antics.

Additionally, people believe that Logan Paul will be up for a humiliating loss when he eventually takes on Floyd Mayweather on June 6th. Logan himself tried to rush to his brother’s aide during the scuffle but was stopped by a security team member.


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