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Video Quiz Extravaganza. Are you an eagle-eyed observer who can spot the tiniest details within seconds, or do you need to carefully scan your surroundings to even notice the blindingly obvious? Welcome to the Video Quiz Extravaganza! This quiz will put your visual acuity to the test. 

1. Let’s start off easy with our first video: One of these ladies from the Roaring Twenties is different from the others. Can you find her in just a quarter of a minute?

✔️Right Answer: 5

2. One Smiley is not like the others.Where is it? Play the video and try to spot it.

✔️Right Answer: B3

3. Finding the odd one out was too easy? Well, how about finding two identical emojis among a group of 52? Press Play and put your attention to the test!

  • C8 + E3
  • B1 + C7
  • B4 + E8
  • B1 + D9
  • B6 + D11
  • B3 + E4

✔️Right Answer: B1 + D9

4. One of the distinguished gentlemen in this video is different from the others. Put on your monocle and try to find him!

✔️Right Answer: 2

5. Can you spot the two identical pets in this menagerie?

  • Beige Pugs
  • Spotted Rabbits
  • White Chickens
  • Black Cats
  • Spotted Dogs
  • Grey Cats
  • Striped Cats
  • White Dogs

✔️Right Answer: White Chickens

6. See if you can find the number 8 in this fast-paced video!

✔️Right Answer: A1

7. There’s an amphibian hiding in the autumn foliage. Can you find it before time runs out?

✔️Right Answer: B3

8. Can you find your way around the final frontier? Try and find the two identical objects at warp speed!

  • A3 + E5
  • A4 + E4
  • C1 + E3
  • A4 + E9
  • B8 + C1
  • C6 + D2
  • A2 + D8
  • B4 + D5

✔️Right Answer: B8 + C1

9. Can you spot the penultimate letter of the alphabet in our penultimate video?

✔️Right Answer: B3

10. Which animal appears only once in this last video?

  • Owl
  • Butterfly
  • Stag
  • Hedgehog
  • Bear
  • Unicorn
  • Crow
  • Wolf

✔️Right Answer: Crow

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