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Epic Games added another feather to their collaboration cap after partnering with Casetify to create a new range of Fortnite themed tech accessories. Casetify is a tech accessories brand that creates interesting and quirky accessories for gadgets.

Ironically, most of the Casetify Fortnite accessories are specific to Apple products. It’s common knowledge that Epic Games and Apple are involved in a long courtroom trial with respect to the future of Fortnite on iOS devices. Given the situation, it will be interesting to see if this collaboration propagates the idea of #freeFortnite, a tag that has been trending on Twitter since the time the trial began.

Where to buy the Casetify Fortnite accessories?

As advertised previously, the Casetify Fortnite accessories have already gone on sale. They’re available on Casetify’s official online store, the link to which can be found here. At the time of writing this article, most of the Casetify Fortnite accessories have limited stock, while a few have already been sold out.

From Loot Llama to Peely to Durr Burger, many of the popular Fortnite characters are featured on these accessories, and the company hopes that they will sit well with fans. All of these accessories are available in really vibrant hues, something that goes hand in hand with the overall Fortnite theme.

As mentioned before, these Casetify Fortnite accessories are mostly for Apple products only. Although the lawsuit has stemmed from the fact that Fortnite was removed from the App Store, this collaboration will allow fans to display their Fortnite swag on their iOS devices.

The future of Fortnite on iOS devices doesn’t look bleak either. As per a report by Apple Insider, Fortnite on iOS devices may tentatively go live in October this year thanks to the Nvidia GeForce NOW service. Although it was scheduled to go live last year itself, the PC version of Fortnite wasn’t optimized for touch based gameplay.

The game is being worked upon at this point in time, and Fortnite fans with iOS devices may not have to wait too long before they get to play their favorite Battle Royale on their iOS devices again.


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