Where to visit Female Oro NPC in Season 6


The female Oro NPC has finally made it to Fortnite Season 6. Dubbed as Orelia, players can come across this NPC at Isla Nubla, the small island that popped up beside Flush Factory in the previous update.

The presence of female Oro was being speculated for a while. And it only makes sense because Midas has a female snapshot of him which arrived towards the tail end of Season 5.

The Fortnite female Oro location

As mentioned before, Isla Nubla is also being dubbed as the Fortnite female Oro location. This place was a small patch of bare land previously, but now, a full-fledged castle stands here.

Orelia, or female Oro, can be found in the lower levels of this castle. She stands guard to a golden Scar which is set atop a pedestal.

The Fortnite female Oro location will be a very hot drop at this point because a lot of players will be landing here. This POI has just gone live, and players will be dying to explore it the first chance they get.

And given that there’s a golden Scar here that can be obtained without much effort, players will be dropping here to get their hands on it.

The female Oro NPC has a quest as well that players can complete in exchange for XP.

It’s interesting to see the female Oro in Fortnite. She’s a brand new addition to the game, as mentioned before. However, there’s not much known about her, lore-wise.

The skeleton queen holds many secrets of her own, and hopefully, they will be revealed in due time.

If players manage to grab the golden Scar at the Fortnite female Oro location while wearing the Lara Croft skin, they will unlock the Golden Lara Croft edit style.

There were a few new quests added after the Fortnite update today. These quests are being dubbed as the Foreshadow quests. What they are is still a mystery.


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