WWE constructing new sets for RAW and SmackDown


It appears WWE wants new sets for RAW and SmackDown when the WWE Universe returns to arenas this summer.

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast, who has scooped several stories so far this year, took to social media this afternoon to break the news on Twitter.

“Things are getting SET for a Refresh shoon…,” Zarian tweeted with a photo the WWE RAW stage.

The hint did go over some fans’ heads, so Zarian clarified his hint 30 minutes later.

“For those who didn’t get it… New Sets coming soon,” Zarian confirmed.

The WWE Universe will likely be greeted with new sets this summer

While the concept of the WWE ThunderDome was a nice change of pace last August, the WWE Universe has been calling for a change as of late.

After the WWE Universe’s atmosphere during the two-night WrestleMania 37 event last month, the ThunderDome, unfortunately, just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The new sets for RAW and SmackDown are anybody’s guess, but you have to imagine that WWE will want to knock them out of the park to wow the WWE Universe upon their return later this summer.

WWE recently scaled down the stage inside the ThunderDome following this year’s WrestleMania in size due to the venue RAW and SmackDown are currently being filmed in. So the more extensive the new set, the better.

Following the response from the throwback edition of SmackDown, maybe they should bring back the SmackDown fist? We’ll find out soon enough.

Are you excited about WWE constructing new sets for RAW and SmackDown? Do you think they’ll pull out all the stops and deliver a “wow” factor when we see them this summer? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.


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